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We Create Cutting-edge Content

In addition to producing world-class conferences, BrainXchange is the leading provider of content marketing solutions for the enterprise technology community. Our digital strategists, analysts, in-house writers, and designers combine the expertise, passion, and commitment to help you and your business interact with key members of the enterprise on a more personal and impactful level.

We work closely with companies servicing the enterprise technology market to brainstorm, execute, and manage content marketing opportunities that deliver results and culminate in sales. Whether it’s an eBook, blog post, landing page, webinar or white paper, BrainXchange ensures that your content project reaches those enterprise buyers who are actively seeking solutions like yours.

Our Services

Video Production
& Digital Content

High-quality videos provide great content for your website, email marketing, and direct sales efforts and allow you to address your customers and buyers with an immediacy that cannot be achieved through other, more traditional mediums. After all, nothing beats viewing a product in action.

Producing video content that truly engages viewers, educates and influences them to act can be extremely labor-intensive, expensive, and hard to pull off. How do you guarantee your video reaches the right audience? Furthermore, how do you ensure it resonates with them?

With BrainXchange, your video will be shaped by leading videographers, motion graphic designers, voice-over talent, and script writers who understand the way your audience thinks.

By thoughtfully structuring content and using innovative production techniques, BrainXchange manages the entire creative effort so that your video is both visually persuasive and on-message, speaking directly to your target audience.

Webinar Production

Webinars are a proven strategy for demonstrating expertise, branding products, and obtaining leads. Your best prospects are professionals who are actively looking for solutions and to be educated. Second to conferences, webinars are a great platform for reaching these individuals.

Executing a webinar involves a substantial amount of time and effort that doesn’t always guarantee an ROI for you and your company. To save time and resources and guarantee effectiveness, solution providers in the enterprise wearable tech space are using BrainXchange’s expertise, audience reach, and marketing tools to develop, promote, and run their webinars.

With BrainXchange, your webinar will be produced by leading experts on the topic of enterprise wearables who specialize in organizing events and web platform creation; and it will be publicized within our network, receiving hundreds of qualified registrants to be converted into leads.

White Papers &

A well-written white paper can be a highly effective strategy for indirectly selling your products and services to your target customer, while simultaneously increasing the credibility of your business. Enterprises looking for technical solutions turn to white papers to educate themselves and find providers with the solutions they need.

The question is no longer whether you need a white paper but how you’re going to write it. To save time and guarantee effectiveness, solution providers in the enterprise wearable tech space are increasingly turning to BrainXchange’s experienced writing services for their white paper and other content needs.

With BrainXchange, your white paper will be crafted by the leading research experts concentrating on enterprise wearables, resulting in a paper that’s insightful, easy to read, and highly persuasive.

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