Peggy Gulick

Director Business Process Improvement

Brock McKeel

Senior Director Central Operations – Customer Experience and Mobility

May Russell

General Manager – Emerging Technologies

Justin Ha

Director, Solutions Design

Michael Newsham

Global Learning Systems Lead

Drew Holbrook

Advanced Computing Technologies – Immersive Realities

Jake Steinerman

Lead Project Specialist/Developer – Digital Marketplace Center

Chris Comfort

Innovation and Technology Manager

Joe Williams

Director of Technology

Barbara Ballard

VP Product Management

Brian Laughlin

Technical Fellow — IT Architect, Mobile Devices, Commercial Aviation Services

Paul Boris

Chief Operating Officer

Brendan Hanna

Head of Technology Innovation

Jay Kothari

Project Lead, Glass at X, the moonshot factory

Kelvin Sanborn

EHS Digital & Analytics Leader

Brian Ballard

CEO & Co-Founder

Johanna Bellenberg

Director Marketing & Communications

Alan Robles

Associate, Firmwide Creative Media Leader

David Nedohin


Mark Melody

EH&S Manager

Josh Aransky

Director, Commercial Business Development

Jaap de Vries

VP of Innovation, Science & Technology

Scott Aldridge

Innovation & Disruptive Technology Leader


Victor Oh

Digital Innovation Manager

Albert Zulps

Regional Director, Virtual Design & Construction

Mitchell Mook

Lead Process Engineer


Christian Prusia

VP of Worldwide Sales


Richard Rabbitz

Principal Member of Engineering Staff


Chris Hill

President, Global Client Solutions

Lance Decker

Engineering Specialist


Paul Szotek MD, FACS

John Myers

Senior Virtual Design & Construction Manager

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Pramod Dikshith

Senior Product Manager

Aleksandar Vukojevic

Emerging Technologies Manager

IDC-graphic-405x228 copy

Ramon Llamas

Research Manager Wearables and Mobile Phones

Todd Wynne

Director of Applied Technology

Jan Shumate

Director, Worldwide Engineering and Construction Services & Solutions


Mike Festa

Director of Wayfair Next


Kelly Thresher

Public Policy Specialist

Brett McCorkle

Senior IT Analyst

Jeremy Sloan

Senior Software Engineer -Test Automation

Yann Veslin

Manager of Mechanical Engineering, Planning and Performance Improvement

Martin Leitgab

Research Engineer, Staff

Sam Murley

EHS Digital Acceleration Leader

Ken Fast

Principal Engineer

David Herlong

Director Smart Grid & Innovation

Théo Goguely

Director of Marketing

Brigham copy

Brian Mullen

Innovation Strategy Manager, Brigham Innovation Hub

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