Where Enterprises Go to Innovate with AR, VR, and Wearables

The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) is the most comprehensive and longest-running event dedicated to the business and industrial applications for wearables; including smart glasses and other HMDs, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality, body-worn sensors, wrist wearables, and even exoskeletons.

How can AR/VR and Wearables Transform Your Business?

Consisting of real-world case studies and expert-led group discussions, EWTS is where enterprises go to hear insights as to the best practices for effective evaluation, adoption, and implementation of wearable technology in the workplace.

Unlock the Potential AR/VR and Wearables Holds for the Enterprise

If you want to learn how AR, VR, and wearables are being applied to enterprises by enterprises, there is no other event as relevant and focused as EWTS. 


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Revere Hotel Boston

Rooted in Longfellow’s historic poem which drummed up the revolutionists, every aspect of Revere tells a story. From the modern event spaces inspired by the Grand Master Masons and Paul Revere’s Sons of Liberty, to the collection of antique shovels representing the years when farming took place on the Common, Revere Hotel Boston Common is unmistakably Bostonian. The energy and spirit felt throughout the hotel is palpable and poignant, encouraging unique experiences that can never be scripted or planned

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