Tsunami XR

Tsunami XR develops and delivers the leading platform for remote worker solutions. Tsunami XR™ Workspaces creates virtual, spatial work environments with the realism of live interactions, allowing people to connect beyond the boundaries of geography, time, or physical space. This extensibility results in increased productivity and enhanced user experiences in the areas of collaboration, training, operations, visualization, analytics, support, and sales & marketing.

Tsunami XR™ Workspaces environments have key advantages over traditional methods by providing:
· Persistent digital spaces. Persistence means that every action taken in a workspace is viewable at a later date and available at any time of the day or night. Users can join, exit, and later return, and readily invite others to participate with a single tap.
· Co-presence. Allows multiple participants to interact independently, or with each other, or with the content they find most interesting.
· Cross-Device. In addition to virtual and augmented reality devices, these spatial work environments are accessible through desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and web browsers (no client required).
· Cross-Operating Systems. This platform is compatible with leading operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
· Global Spatial Collaboration. Interactions include the ability to share voice, data, images, digital whiteboards, animated digital twins, and live interactive demonstrations on digital twins and more. Tsunami XR™ Workspaces provides unlimited spatial collaboration. From equipment as large as power towers to equipment as small as electronic circuits.
· Internet of Things “IoT.” Tsunami XR™ plans to offer an interface to integrate real-time data feeds from sensors (IoT) on physical hardware, giving a comprehensive view to mentors, field technicians, and operations personnel.
· Deployment Options. It can be deployed through the cloud or on-premise.
· Self-Authoring. Create your own digital spaces, with little or no CAD or AR/VR programming, and contact, a partner or the content creator of your choice.

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