Sam Murley


Digital Acceleration Leader​


As a technology integrator, futurist and entrepreneur, Sam has been pushing the limits of emerging technology for over ten years. Having established scalable and value-add business models from emerging technology, he has created, developed, marketed and distributed award-winning applications to an extensive client list in the enterprise, consumer, DoD and entertainment industries. ​

He currently manages the GE Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Emerging Technology Portfolio, piloting and scaling technologies such as Biometric Wearables, Augmented Reality, Virtual Personal Assistants, Smart Sensors, and Artificial Intelligence in global partnership with GE business units and ecosystem partners. Sam’s work has been featured at industry events and conferences around the world, and he contributes to several industry standards groups and technical committees. He is working every day to cohesively connect our physical and digital worlds together to change the way people interact with machines and data. ​

Brian is currently focused on the area of Wearable computing, Advanced Visualization, and strategic development and implementation of mobile technologies, both across Boeing, and with our customers and suppliers around the globe. ​

A 28yr veteran in Aerospace, he draws from a diverse background: Sheet metal/Composites Mechanic, Process Engineering Analyst, Lean Coach, Teacher and Mentor, etc. He holds a Masters in Experimental and a Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology. ​

Also a prolific inventor, Brian has 47 Disclosures and patents and received many awards: 1 Tech Rep, 2 Special, 4 Meritorious and an Ed Wells Initiative, for a body of work that has saved Billions and created RevGen opportunities for Boeing and the Aerospace market, world-wide.


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