Mark Roberts

McLaren Automotive

Head of Design Operations

Mark Roberts joined McLaren in 1990 as one of the founding members of the original McLaren F1 design team. He was responsible for many aspects of the McLaren F1 and GTR, including the design of the vehicle's "technical jewelry" (pedals, instruments, controls, badging, etc.). Mark led the creative direction and planning for the official McLaren F1 launch at the Monaco Sporting Club along with the design of the iconic owner's manual and sales brochures. He carried out one-to-one consultations with F1 customers to specify their bespoke cars. Following the inception of McLaren Automotive in 2010, Mark has been an integral part of the team credited for the design of all contemporary McLaren sportscars, including the critically acclaimed McLaren P1, the 570S, and 720S. In his current role of design operations manager, Mark is responsible for key design studio deliverables across all vehicle programs. This includes overseeing budgets, timeframes, and headcount as well as managing the creation of physical and digital models of future vehicles and special customer projects.


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