James Piechocki


Senior Manager, Learning Innovation

James Piechocki is Senior Instructional Designer and Cyber Content Creator for Raytheon Blackbird Technologies in Herndon, Virginia. After winning numerous interactive learning awards, he moved from Silicon Valley to help the US Postal Service Training and Awareness team address rapidly growing demand among government clients. His diverse background as a developer includes creating broadcast educational content. He wrote for documentary series’ on the Discovery Channel was writer/director of the biography Eminem AKA for Universal Music Video, which generated 250,000 reviews on Netflix and earned four stars on Amazon.com.

James was scriptwriter and a key creative resource on Re-Mission, the world’s most prominent serious game, for HopeLab in Palo Alto. Re-Mission lets young gamers with cancer blast realistic carcinomas with chemo weapons in 20 missions. Clinical tests showed faster, stickier chemo adherence among nearly 400 pediatric trial subjects.

More than a decade before Oculus’ first release, Piechocki was creative and production lead on one of the first true virtual reality training programs as a procurement by the US Defense Logistics Agency through Booz Allen Hamilton. Tests by University of Washington demonstrated a 38 percent drop in plant injuries and a 70 percent reduction of lost hours due to injury after immersion. Programs featured live action characters photographed on location at military bases around the US.

Piechocki, an ATD-licensed instructional designer, worked 17 years on the technical communication team for American Honda in Southern California, where he launched multiple generations of Honda and Acura products as well as sales training, soft skills and corporate culture change initiatives. He completed graduate studies in Communication Management at the Annenberg School, which is administered at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California. His undergraduate studies are in film and multimedia production at USC film school.


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