LogistiVIEW extends the abilities of the frontline worker by connecting business systems, operational processes, and Artificial Intelligence with human intelligence. Through its patent-pending software for industrial smart devices, LogistiVIEW empowers workers to revolutionize day-to-day task execution without costly infrastructure expansion. By combining the capabilities of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and computer vision, LogistiVIEW’s proprietary software transforms complex data into immediate, actionable instructions enabling workers to rapidly complete tasks. Delivering data-intensive information in an instantly-recognizable way, LogistiVIEW enhances both productivity and job satisfaction across supply chain operations.

Winner of the 2018 Material Handling Product News Reader’s Choice “Product of the Year” award, and named as a Gartner “Cool Vendors in Mobile and Wireless,” LogistiVIEW is leading the charge to empower today’s frontline workers and drive workforce optimization.

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