Augmentalis has developed and deployed WorkView™ a powerful first of its kind application for the Connected SmartWorker.

“…WorkView is the only app that Connects your Data to those who need it, when they need it how they need it; we see it as the centerpiece of our Connected Worker Strategy.”
- Jan Franken, Director of IT, Co-Op Refinery Complex (CRL), Canada

WorkView is the most powerful application designed specifically to deliver your data to those that need it, when they need it and how they need it; uses are limited only by your imagination.

• Imagine full utilization of the best productivity tool your company will ever purchase, a wearable or mobile device.

• Imagine simultaneously running PI Vision, Siemens XHQ, Wonderware dashboards, perusing instructional videos or multiple pages of a manual.

• Imagine collaborating using your choice of WebEx, Zoom, XOD, or Skype for Business guest.

• Imagine watching, not only the camera but the user’s screens on WorkView. Imagine, seeing what your worker needs, and in real-time sending them relevant information via SharePoint, Email or other collaboration suite.

• Imagine access to the internet and complex Web Apps such as SAP, ERP, PI Vision, Wonderware, Siemens XHQ or productivity suites like Office365 or GSuite, without having to retrain workers.

• Imagine deploying an AR solution in under 5 minutes, without complex design software or dedicated expert, just by using your voice.

• Imagine – doing all of the above – at the same time, on an easy to view multi-window single screen environment; display in Full Screen, Picture-in-Picture, Tile or Multiview mode, with full clarity on your screen while navigating with simple unified commands…even for the most complex interactions. Imagine a magnified cursor that allows you to view the fine print.

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