built the industry’s only intelligent augmented reality system for batch records and SOPs in life sciences manufacturing.

Our GMP-compliant system uses immersive technology and spatial contextualization to connect and empower teams – allowing them to make better batches faster, and with higher reliability.

The Apprentice system integrates with enterprise systems so that organizations can take their existing content, augment it, and execute it on any device.

Apprentice innovates intelligent solutions that empower scientists, engineers and manufacturers operating in complex, compliance-driven environments, ushering in the next wave of human potential. We don’t just augment reality; we augment human ability.

Apprentice is headquartered in New Jersey, with global product deployments at Fortune 100 pharma, biotech, consumer goods companies, cosmetic as well as other regulated industries throughout the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America. For more information, visit

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September 18th, 3:40 pm

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