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Since 1990, Theorem Solutions have been helping Engineering and Manufacturing companies to leverage the value of their 3D engineering design assets.

Through the utilisation of games engine technology, Theorem have now extended this capability to provide an immersive experience via augmented, mixed and virtual reality devices.

Theorem’s Digital Realities solution allows engineers to experience their data spatially. This allows for far better understanding of how their designs/assemblies will work in the real world; their data is real scale, and through the correct display equipment can be viewed in context with the world in which it will interact.

Digital Realities is an out-of-the-box ready software product that is output device and 3D CAD input technology agnostic. This approach means that there is no need to hesitate to join in the digital revolution; we can work with any device, right now.

Our software is tailored to the use case- supporting processes such as design review, production build and production layout. This is underpinned with a server that manages your 3D CAD and PLM assets, making them available to any output device; desktop workstation, tablet, or head-mounted display.

This is a truly enterprise ready solution delivering 3D content, thus improving data sharing and supplier collaboration, along with taking advantage of the new spatial computing and visualization technologies. This aids companies in getting to market faster, thereby improving their competitive position and achieves a faster return on investment.


CATIA V5 Multi-CAD NX Solutions

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