It is well documented that excessive time spent kneeling at >120 degrees results in mid-to-long term knee injuries, whilst having no short-term impact. WPMpro is a simple, cost-effective workplace monitoring (WPM) system that helps employers identify individuals at risk of mid-to-long-term injury, thereby limiting the cost and disruption of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. With WPMpro, small, unobtrusive sensors built into industrial workwear gather movement data on knees, hips, shoulders and spine as a person goes about their work. By applying specific joint impact score against methods of working and job functions, AI produces a quick and simple analysis of tasks carried out and their prospective long-term impact. This allows the employer to reschedule tasks where necessary to reduce repetitive joint strain. WPMpro has support from world-leading organisations, including insurance companies and an industrial sensor supplier with links to BP and Toyota. WPMpro uses patented BPMpathway CE Class 1 Medical Device technology engineered to ISO 13485:2016 and successfully tested to EN 60601-1.

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