WESTUNITIS ® (Santa Clara, CA) is the unique tech company as both wearable hardware and software developer which started up as paper manual production company in Osaka, Japan. We have been focusing on assist working in B2B market for decades and developed original hands-free mobile device.

Our monocular type wearable glasses “InfoLinker™” is the stand-alone wireless wearable PC, developed for industrial application to support and improve working efficiency with its own software "Remote Maintenance System (RMS)" which makes real time communication with working and instruction site and "Task Navigation System (TNS)" for visualize workflow, process checking, and create work reports easily. “picoLinker™” is the light weight wearable display connected via HDMI to other devices. It is mainly for use in the industrial and medical field but can also be used in daily life such as sports, guiding, entertainment and more.

For more information, please visit https://www.westunitis.co.jp/en/


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Introduction of picoLinker_Link Your Life

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