Toshiba dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses

Toshiba’s dynaEdge™ AR Smart Glasses is a wearable, hands-free Augmented Reality solution designed to help large enterprises improve efficiency, quality and operating flexibility. As the first smart glasses solution from Toshiba running Windows 10 Pro with a high performance Intel® Core™ processor, the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses seamlessly and securely integrate into an organizations’ existing infrastructure. Backed by decades of mobile computing design expertise, the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses provide enterprises a complete solution incorporating both hardware and software in one turnkey package. Toshiba’s AR solution enables multiple usage scenarios including See-What-I-See, Remote Expert, Document Retrieval, Workflow Instructions and Real-Time Data Capture making it the enterprise solution for tomorrow— starting today. More information available at


Toshiba dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

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