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AMA develops Xpert Eye, a See-what-I-see videoconferencing solution using smartglasses. It connects field operators to remote experts. Xpert Eye allows on-site workers to share their vision while keeping their hands free, and receiving live guidance (field of view annotation, file sharing, etc.) from off-site observers, wherever they are.

Xpert Eye is a unique collaboration tool for organizations looking to speed up resolution time, reduce error rate and travel while increasing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. We partner with the world leading smartglasses manufacturers (ODG, Vuzix, Fujitsu, Glass, RealWear) to provide you with the right glasses for your use case and work environment. Today used in 33 countries, Xpert Eye helps a hundred companies from the transportation, manufacturing, construction, healthcare or even the education fields to meet their challenges through live remote assistance and knowledge sharing. With offices in France, Germany, Romania, the UK and the US, we present a global solution support to assist you anywhere in the world.

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